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Tasty Indian Bistro - Tips from your local South Surrey/White Rock Realtors

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | April 9th, 2014

About a month ago I had clients treat me to lunch at a very good Indian restaurant in Delta located in a little strip mall on 120th St and 82 avenue - Tasty Indian Bistro

Until I approached the restaurant, I wasn't sure what to expect. As I mentioned Tasty Indian Bistro is located in a strip mall, there are many strip malls along the 120th Street corridor, I am sure with many great restaurants. Had I not been invited for lunch I would never have spotted this one. Once inside I was completely impressed with the ambiance and decor. We sat near the window at a table similar to the one in the photo above on a very comfortable bench. Throughout the restaurant there are plenty of booths for more intimate meals and tables available for larger groups. The perfect setting for any occasion.

Most importantly the food was amazing. I have always been one to try just about anything at least once. I let my clients order and they ordered a variety of food I have never tried before....all of which was delicious.

Ever since I have been craving Indian food and wanting to go back. My husband and I both enjoy Indian Food but have never known what to order. Over Christmas we were invited to a colleagues home where they introduced us to Paneer and a delicious Lentil dish. So this past weekend after a long day of showings with clients I did not feel like cooking and thought this was a perfect opportunity to pick up Tasty Indian Bistro take out food. I wanted to see if my family would like all the same dishes my clients ordered. As well, my husband and I eally enjoyed the Paneer so we had to get that too. I ended up with a lot of food not realizing just how much food it would be....for 3 of us. Needless to say we had enough leftovers for days. :) Not a single dish went to waste.

What did we order.....Chili chicken which was full of vegetables, Butter chicken (just in case my family didn't like anything else), Vegetable Samosas with a delicious chick pea side dish (we couldn't have Indian Food without samosas), Dal Makhni (Lentil dish), Kadahi Paneer (which everyone describes as Indian cottage cheese- but really is nothing like it. Looks more like a type of tofu, but much more delicious), Aloo Gobi (a vegetable dish), Raita (yogurt dip) and of course roti to dip into every dish! 

I know that's a lot of food...but we wanted to try a few dishes in order to know what to get next time. 

I highly recommend if you like Indian Food to check out Tasty Indian Bistro, for more information on their restaurant visit their website at the following link:

Tasty Indian Bistro