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Secondary Suites to be registered or fined as of February 2014 - Tips from your local Cloverdale Realtors

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | November 27th, 2013

The CIty of Surrey

If you live in a detached home in the City of Surrey, then you have likely been sent a copy of the notice to home owners regarding registering secondary suites if you have one. But you may also have disregarded it, as the one I just received in the mail almost hit the recycling bin before I even opened it. Because it wasn't addressed I didn't see the City of Surrey logo on the top left corner as there was other junk mail that was on top of this letter. We get so many pieces of mail such as this one that are usually just garbage. I wonder how many people even saw this letter....

Now of course it is every home owners responsibility to declare if they have a secondary suite and I understand having a suite means you should have to pay higher taxes to accomodate the additional people in the home, garbage and water use, etc. But I do think it would be more effective to send out a notice to home owners by name, more because I feel this is a very backhanded way of doings things. 

Either way if you haven't already registered your secondary suite you may want to think about it, so as to avoid the $1000 penalty fee that will be added to your taxes if you don't register by February 1, 2014.

To register your suite call 604-591-4181 or visit the city of Surrey's Secondary Suite Program at the following link:

Secondary Suite Program