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Redheads Rock

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Blog by Bettina Reid | March 19th, 2012

Ok! as you may know, I am a proud redhead...always have been. I grew up loving my red hair...although I'm not too happy, with age it seems to be fading. :)

But I have 2 very beautiful redhead daughters and have brought them up to love their hair colour as well. I did have to endure some name calling as a child, things like "carrot top", but it never truly bothered me. As an adult I did hear about some of the cruel things kids today say about redheads. Which is really quite sad because I can't tell you how many people I know that have dyed their hair some shade of red at least once in their lives if not more than once.

Which brings me to the reason for today's blog. I follow a couple different people on twitter that promote redheads and when RedheadsRock.net started following me they caught my attention!

RedheadsRock was started by 2 elementary school kids - Aidan and Annaclaire very proud of their "red hair". They started a clothing line of t-shirts with inspirational redhead messages for all ages to promote being a redhead. The t-shirts are very reasonably priced and offered in a variety of styles.

Check out their website, they have some great facts about redheads. But more importantly some really great t-shirts. I plan on buying a few one for myself and each of my girls.


Enter their contest for your chance to win a free t-shirt of your choice. If you missed it on the website here's the link to the contest page.