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Preparing your home for a home inspection, a request to the seller - Tips from your local Cloverdale Real Estate Professionals

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | June 8th, 2015

We have been quite busy during the 1st half of the year working with a number of Buyers and Sellers. Usually with each offer that is made either on our Sellers property or with our Buyers there comes an inspection. We always recommend to our Buyers that they have their own inspection done by a reputable inspector. Gary from A-Z Home Inspections previously shared some great advice for Sellers on how to ensure your home is prepared for a successful inspection. This doesn't mean you can prevent the inspection from coming up with maintenance issues, but it will help the inspector being able to provide a detailed and accurate report to help the Buyers in their decision making when purchasing a re-sale home. 

To contact Gary, please visit the following link: A-Z Home Inspections

Preparing your home for a home inspection, a request to the seller:

Please ensure access to:

1: The back yard: make sure to have gates unlocked. And larger animals restrained.

2: Remove items that may be leaning against the structure or blocking the visual sight lines.

3: The crawl space panel if present. Remove stored items from around and on top of hatch.

4: The attic scuttle hatch or door way. Remove shelving and personal items from the area.

5: The main electrical panel and any sub panels. Remove objects covering or blocking.

6: Furnace utility room. Stored items on or near furnace should be removed to allow access to open the panels.

7: Water heater area. Stored items on or near water heater should be removed to allow access to open the panel.

8: Kitchen and bathroom vanities. Please remove stored items to allow inspection of plumbing supply lines and drainage pipes.

9: If there are tenants, make sure they have adequate notice of the inspection.

These simple things will help the inspection process move smoothly and efficiently; as well as offer peace of mind to your buyer that a comprehensive inspection was performed.

Thank you.

Gary Ladwig

A-Z Home Inspections

Certified Master Home Inspector