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Poor Italian Ristorante

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Blog by Bettina Reid | July 30th, 2012

Growing up in Malton, Ontario I always lived next door to an Italian family. At the time Malton which is part of Mississauga had a large Italian population. Which was always a good thing for me, everyone of my friends just about were Italian and they all had Italian Mama's that knew how to cook! Every one of those Mama's would tell me to "Mangia, mangia" whenever I was over because I was so skinny and they wanted to fatten me up. Who was I to disagree...:) Like any growing child it didn't matter if I had just finished eating at my house, I always ate again when I was offered. I didn't want to hurt their feelings....I didn't want to be rude. :)

That is where my love for Italian food began and it has taken me years to even master making a good tomato sauce. 

So this past weekend when we asked our eldest where she would like to go for dinner and she asked for Italian, my husband finally agreed we needed to venture in to Vancouver to eat. We asked a few friends where htey recommended and had some great suggestions. But in the end went where our Italian friends who highly recommended...."Poor Italian Ristorante" on E 1st ave in Vancouver.

I have been trying to get my husband to go into the big city for a while for a bite to eat, but he always thought of it as too far. Even with the ridiculous traffic going across the Port Mann, it really wasn't much more time than if we had of ventured into White Rock on the strip.

We weren't disappointed either, the food was delicious!!! The service was just as good, very attentive and the atmosphere was inviting. We will definitely be going back and soon I am sure as our eldest has already asked to go there for her birthday in August.

Next time you are looking for a little taste of Italy check out Poor Italian Ristorante, you will not be disappointed!

Visit their website to see what their menu has to offer: