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Is there anything better than a HUG??

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Blog by Bettina Reid | June 10th, 2012

One of my favourite things in life is a HUG!

Growing up my grandmother always gave THE best hugs. They were all consuming, the big bear hug kind. If ever I was feeling down a hug from her alone could cheer me up! I still love my grandmother's hugs but even more a hug from my husband or daughters...there is just nothing better in the world than that. It's no wonder a hug can change my mood, because a hug causes the body to releases endorphins that make you feel good. Hugs truly can make a difference.

Which comes to the reason for today's blog...I came across an article about the Senior public (Middle school) that I went to back in Brampton, Ontario.  Earnscliffe Senior Public School and the mission 2 young girls have taken upon themsleves. The school has a no touching policy that was geared to inappropriate public displays of affection...between boys and girls and even more important Bullying. I cannot imagine anyone disagreeing with that policy...but it seems these girls have been getting in trouble at school for simple hugs. In a world where technology makes many of us so disconnected, it's beautiful to see kids hugging. I'm appalled that they aren't allowed to and wholly support their "hug-in" planned for June 20th, the girls way of protesting against the administration. I look forward to reading all about the hug-in.

To read the article in depth click the following link:


A year ago on Twitter I started to follow Rita Chand, a Victoria woman that made it her mission to hug strangers everywhere she went and then this year in February proclaimed it "The Year of Hugging Fearlessly". She is hugging people all around the world. Click on the following link to read about how she changes lives everyday!


The young Brampton girls and Rita are such an inspiration!