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If you haven't tried Cartems donuts ...you definitely should!

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | May 14th, 2020


Supporting local as I mentioned last week is something we are trying to really promote. Saturday night date night was ordering from Zythos greek restaurant in Walnut Grove. As self proclaimed foodies…I think we are probably greek food snobs too…because we are very picky with what we consider good greek food. We usually first judge good Greek food by their tzaziki, if its not fresh and tasty then it likely means the rest of the food won’t be either…Nine times out of ten we are right. Even though the tzaziki was not our absolute favourite (we are hard to please, I know) it was still pretty good. The rest of the food from Zythos was pretty good too. We will definitely order from them again and hopefully one day soon get to eat in their dining room. 


Then for Mothers Day my request was to order and pick up Cartems donuts and  Earnest ice cream. What a treat too. We had been wanting to try Earnest Ice Cream and when we saw that Cartems was helping to support another local business we of course couldn’t help but get them both. It was Mothers day and OMG those donuts were delicious we shared a little bite of each one. If you are looking to order curbside pick up you will need to order in advance as they have been booked up a few days out. 

I realized I think I like the yeast donuts best and the salted caramel from Earnest Ice Cream was my favourite. My daughter loved the oatmeal brown sugar. We couldn’t order just one…bet you can’t order just one flavour too.