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Have you registered to be an organ donor?

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | February 18th, 2012

Every morning as I get ready for work my husband has the Ellen show on TV in the background and Thursday's show caught our attention for 2 reaons. 1st of all Ellen shared the story of a fellow Canadian in need of a double lung transplant. The second reason it caught our attention was because a member of our family actually became an organ donor almost 2 years ago now. Organ donation is something we feel very strongly about!

Ellen discovered Helene Campbell after seeing the video Helene sent to Ellen looking for her support in promoting awareness for organ donation. To see the video she sent and to learn more about Helene and her fight for others as well as herself visit http://www.alungstory.ca/

Ellen was captivated by this young woman's request for help because she wasn't asking for herself she was doing it to help others.

It doesn't take much to register to become an organ donor. Helene has even included a link on where to register depending on where you live across Canada as well as a few other places from around the world http://www.alungstory.ca/donor-info-and-registration/

As I mentioned we also have a story about a member of our own family, who donated his kidney to his best friend back in the summer of 2010. It is rare to find a match within your family and friends....but incredible to find a match within your own best friend. My brother in-law saved his best friends life and will always have that honour. There really is no greater gift, than the gift of life. Here is his story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA828uzcOdw

Not everyone can become a living organ donor, but EVERYONE can become one once they have passed away and the only way to guarantee your wishes are honoured is to register. So please register today to help save someone's life...you never know when that life could be your own or the life of someone you love.

Will you register today to become an organ donor?