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Happy Cakes Cupcakes - Local Realtors supporting Cloverdale business

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | January 17th, 2014

You know me I always like to support local businesses if I can. Thought why not promote Happy Cakes Cupcakes in Cloverdale once again. It had been a while since I visited their location....which is unfortunate for them...but good for my family. I think we all had enough sweets over the holidays. :)

My husband asked me to pick up a dozen of their delicious cupcakes for him to take into work with him today. I was good, I only added on one extra for my daughter. :) Although it was really tempting to add a few more for the rest of us. The owner Lisa Low was in baking cakes and the smell was almost too much to bear. Then I was in there long enough to walk away smelling like a bakery. Which didn't help my craving for these cupcakes. To be honest, as yummy as the cupcakes are at Happy Cakes Cupcakes I am usually not one to indulge in a cupcake...cookies have always been my downfall. But I do have to say if I had to choose my favourite it would probably be the chocolate truffle ones. When you heat them slightly the chocolate ganache in the middle oozes out..... delicious!

Happy Cakes Cupcakes took over from what used to be called Big City Cupcakes and is now a family run business. I have met the owner Lisa a few times and each time I have been pleasantly greeted. She has definitely brought a warmth to this location along with many other wonderful things to offer. They carry at least 15 different varieties of cupcakes everyday. A few of the changes from when Big City was there is that they bake their cakes fresh in the shop. Another great addition is the ability to hold meetings or parties. What a great idea for a children's birthday party to have them decorate their own cupcakes. 

For more information on their prices and all they have to offer please visit the following link:

Happy Cakes Cupcakes