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Guildford Town Centre caters to parents with toddlers

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | December 16th, 2013

I recently made a trip to Guildford Town Centre to do some Christmas shopping. As foolish as that sounds, we had yet to visit since it's launch of their new phases. We didn't want to go all the way to Metrotown when we now have so many great shops much closer to home. Somehow we managed to find a spot close to a mall entrance and we even managed to come out with a few purchases and smiles on our faces. Which can be very hard to do this time of year with all the craziness that Christmas seems to bring to malls.

But the reason for my blog about Guildford Town Centre today was how impressed I was at their re-design. While visiting the washrooms during our visit I couldn't believe how innovative one of the stalls was. They had made a stall a little bigger than your average stall to encompass 2 toilets - a regular toilet and a smaller toilet close to the ground perfect for toddlers. As I was leaving a little girl knew exactly where to go so that she could manage independantly without her grandmother. That left an impression on not only myself but the grandmother who hadn't seen this before either. 

Any parent will tell you taking your child to the washroom is no simple feat...especially when as children it seems once they have learned how to go by themselves, every washroom you pass induces them to have to go right then and there. Some sort of instinct I think to see if this washroom is any different than the last or perhaps it is our children marking their territory. (I am just kidding about that last one, but if you are a parent you know exactly what I mean, I am just thankful my girls are teens and can manage all that on their own now. :)

Big shout out to Guildford Town Centre for helping parents out and making stalls for Parents and Tots. Whoever thought of this design was certainly a parent or at some point has had to take a child into a public washroom. Even though I no longer have little ones....On behalf of all parents out there. WE THANK YOU!!!