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Greco's Specialty Foods

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Blog by Bettina Reid | May 15th, 2012

One of my family's favourite types of food is Greek. My husband worked in a greek restaurant for many years as a teenager. Which is where he developed his love for good Greek food and in turn introduced it to me. We haven't been able to find a good Greek restaurant since we moved here from Ontario. We are told Kitsilano is the place to go and have yet to make our way out there.

Then a couple months ago my clients were telling me about a great place for good Greek food. It's not a restaurant but a specialty food shop. I'd forgotten all about them until today when I had to pick up strata documents right next door to their shop. Greco's Specialty Foods on King George in Surrey, a quaint little shop tucked into a little strip mall. They have my absolute favourite-- homemade tzaziki. Beware it's garlicky, but delicious...might want to pack a mint for after you eat it. They even carry real greek pita as well as the bread stuff you get in the restaurants (not very fond of the bread...it's not really pita). I picked up a couple pieces of spanikopita as well, and all I had to do was bake and serve...again delicious! That was only a couple of the many things they had to offer. From a variety of not only Greek but other European foods, to fresh olives, vinegars, oils, deli meats, cheeses and so much more.

Greco's Specialty Foods is located at 6886 King George in Surrey. Visit their facebook page to find out more about them: