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Gotta love the crazy roads here in BC and all the construction

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | February 10th, 2012

I was headed to a meeting 1st thing this morning and had to take Hwy 1 going west off of 176St. Once again traffic patterns have changed although only for those heading towards 104ave on the other side of the Hwy. I unfortunately figured it out the hard way...by the time I realized it I had to find a place to turn around. I felt like an idiot thinking I somehow missed the directions. But I soon felt much better as I noticed a number of people having to do the same thing and turn around to actually get onto the Hwy.

As you approach the overpass, traffic is now crossing over the new overpass and there are pylons so that you can only go one way on the old overpass. But if there is no traffic going across to the on ramp and all the traffic is going towards 104th ave then it easy to make the same mistake I did.

The construction in this province is crazy. We moved here almost 7 years ago and cursed the non- stop construction in Brampton, Ontario a community that has grown extensively. Thinking we left that insanity behind, we soon discovered the infrastucture and how it's managed here is even crazier. Roads seemed to take forever to get finished here and even when they look like they are paved and ready to go it can still take forever before they are opened up for use.

I am sure that everyone who has to endure driving Hwy 1 anywhere from Vancouver to Langley will be quite happy when they have finally finished expanding the Hwy.

Another incident I had a couple months ago as I was trying to get on the Hwy going east from 104th and 160th ave, had me terrified as I tried to get onto the Hwy. It was during rush hour traffic, I had a steady stream of cars behind me also wanting to get onto the Hwy and cars were not letting us in until the last second. I thought for sure I was going to get into an accident. For anyone who has driven that route you know the merge lane is very short and if drivers don't make room for you to get over you are going into the concrete barrier. I am shocked there haven't been more major accidents as many of the on ramps have been shortened like that one.

Then there is the new 152St exit, you gotta love that one. I was coming back from Burnaby the day they opened the exit and couldn't get over the mayhem it created as people were scrambling to cross 3-4 lanes once they realized the change...again I am shocked there weren't more accidents. 

Tell us what you think about the roads you travel each day.