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Focus Physio and Wellness - Olympic Village Vancouver area physiotherapists

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | June 10th, 2015

For close to a year now we have been listening to very good friends of ours tell us about their son and his wife opening up a physiotherapy clinic in the Olympic Village area of Vancouver.  Focus Physio + Wellness

We've been excited to hear about their progress and they have been excited, as only proud parents can be to tell us how it was going. They finally opened up this Spring and it occurred to me that my husband should actually go to them instead of our local one. Not because she isn't good, because here in Cloverdale Physio station is the place to go. In fact our daughter has been seeing one of the owners for years, even before they opened up their own clinic in 2014. But since his only option is to book in advance to get an appointment here in Cloverdale in the evening after work, it just makes perfect sense for him to seek out Aaron and Catherine's services at Focus Physio + Wellness. In fact I have been telling him for a couple years now that he should find a local Vancouver physiotherapist and the only reason he went to Physio Station is because of our daughter. Easier to go to a place you know and trust or in this case were inadvertently referred to. :)

So finally today he had some time between his appointments and thought to go check them out, sure enough they managed to squeeze him in for a consultation and he's already booked another appointment. 

If you are looking for a Physio and Wellness centre that you can visit on your break or lunchtime and you are in the Olympic village area, or anytime for that matter if you live in Vancouver...visit their website in the following link for more details on who they are and what services they provide. Knowing the family well I am sure you will be well taken care of!

Focus Physio + Wellness