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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | February 13th, 2012

One of the tools we use to market your home along with professional photography and Virtual tours are - floorplans.

I started to write this blog this morning and didn't realize just how a-propos it was to write. Later on in the day I had clients ask about the difference they have seen between some of my listings in a complex where the home I have marketed is a number of square feet less or more than other identical homes.

I prefer to offer my clients and potential buyers as much accurate information as possible. Many times the strata plan is based on the original developers plans. When you purchase brand new the plans are usually approximate as per the builders discretion. Very often they will be within a 100 square feet of what the plans suggest. 

We were asked today whether or not a home will get over looked if there are 2 identical homes but one is listed with less square footage than another. (Which is why it is important to not only have a Realtor working for you whether Buying or Selling a home, but it's important to have a good one.) We explained that we come across this very often and it is our job to explain to clients that there may be minor discrepencies. At the end of the day Price is usually the most important factor, beyond that it comes down to whether or not it is the right home for the buyer. Very often a 1400 square foot house might be layed out to seem a lot bigger than an 1800 square foot house.

The following blog was written to answer frequently asked questions regarding Floor plans. I have consistently used SeeVirtual 360 for not only my floorplans but all of my professional photography and virtual tours. I have yet to be disappointed by their work and all of my clients have been equally impressed with their work! 


If you are looking to Buy or Sell your home, with the Bettina Reid Group you get a team of qualified professionals working on your behalf.