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Day 4 of Insanity

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Blog by Bettina Reid | July 5th, 2012

Well so far we have survived! Very impressed each day we make it through another workout. I can finally walk up and down the stairs without cringing. I haven't felt old until this week. LOL

I used to do the TaeBo VHS tapes...way back when. Which I know dates me right there. I would feel the burn but recovered so much faster than this. :)

I figured today was a good day to report...today's workout was a cardio recovery day full of stretches that I am sure loosened us up. Doesn't mean it was an easy day, but definitely not an insane day. Now, after tomorrow I might not feel as good as I do today as it looks like we will be working out at the highest level of intensity.

I knew I wasn't in tip top shape, but I really didn't think I was in this bad of shape. I also thought I ate a fairly healthy diet and realized yesterday just how important getting enough and the right balance is. As we both crashed in the afternoon. Counting calories and making sure we are getting enough of everything is a science all on its own. I don't like the idea of counting calories, although I am sure by the time we are done that we should have a much better understanding of what our body needs.

For those of you brave enough to join the challenge with us click on the following details for more information on how to get started. :) Now I am off to bed to rest for another early morning of insanity!