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Crippled by lack of email

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | April 24th, 2014

Well it's been a whirlwind kind of day...started early on Realtor tour then headed off to meet up with photographer for a new listing coming on the market. Sounds like a good start to a day you would think...and it was. Until when I finally got back to the office and checked my email... Seemed strange that the last email was just after 10am but even then I didn't panic yet or really even think anything of it... I carried on with follow up emails and some work. Then thankfully a client called to ask why I hadn't called her with the information she requested.

At this point I knew something was definitely wrong, I had a few people send me test emails and to no avail. After spending a couple hours on hold with google thinking it was a gmail issue. Never did get through...I had to head out to a couple appointments with clients. By this point I was very frustrated, but what could I do.

Thankfully I had sent out a message in our office forum, where one of our tech guys made mention of the issue coming from my website. Who would have known, I wouldn't have even thought to check there. Despite the fact that my web provider failed to let its users know they were having issues, they did fix it.

Finally about an hour or so ago the issue was finally fixed and slowly now my emails are starting to trickle in. But very frustrating as one of the things we pride ourselves on at the Bettina Reid Group is communication. Not just good communication but prompt communication. People are usually quite surprised to hear back from us so quickly. Now I play damage control as I follow up with a few leads that were missed. As well as respond to client emails to ensure they don't think I was ignoring them...thankfully our clients know its out of the ordinary.

As great as technology is, you never really realize how important it is and how much we take it for granted until you lose access to it somehow. 

I wish we didn't have to rely on technology as much as we do...but that is today's reality.