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Cooking Class at Bella Cibo - Tips from your local Langley Real Estate Specialists

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | March 25th, 2015


Last year I met a very interesting local Langley woman through Twitter. Her tweets caught my eye and I contacted her to meet for coffee. After meeting Marzia Molatore, I knew I wanted to get to know her better and take one or more of her Bella Cibo Italian cooking classes.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a self professed foodie and love to learn how to cook new and exciting dishes. In the past I have taken cooking classe at Well Seasoned in Langley and have since learnt how to make the most amazing delicious and fresh greek dishes.

I had intended on doing a one on one cooking class but before I knew it, we were into the holiday season and too busy with work and holiday events to even think of taking a cooking class. Then Marzia was offering to make home cooked meals that we could order and pay for. I thought what better way to see if I  would like her cooking (not that I really had any doubt, as I have never found an Italian Mama that couldn't cook...although I am sure there are plenty out there that can't.)  As a working Mom, it was a perfect chance for me to get some fresh prepared homemade foods to save me from having to cook late on those busy holiday nights. I ordered a lasagna, some baked pasta and meatballs. My family loved the lasagna so much that they no longer wanted me to make my lasagna that had always been a hit. I wasn't heartbroken though as I agreed, her lasagna was delicious, I had never eaten a lasagna with so many thin layers of pasta, no ricotta and the best part made with both a tomato bolognese sauce and a bechamel sauce. I later learnt that ricotta is a North American version of lasagna. In Italy you won't find ricotta in lasagna, you will find variations of the one she makes. 

Finally this month after raving so much about her cooking, I arranged to take her class and invited a few friends to join me and we all had a blast learning how to make lasagna from scratch. We made the dough, rolled it out (with a handy kitchen aid mixer and pasta maker attachment - which we now all want to invest in) We all made a small lasagna to take home and share with our family. Which I am pretty sure we all did for dinner the following night. 

I love to support local businesses and even more so a local business woman like myself. 

if you're interested in learning how to cook Italian visit Marzia's website Bella Cibo and follow her on facebook:

Bella Cibo

Facebook -Bella Cibo