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City of Surrey charges for property inquiries

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | January 14th, 2012

Residents of #Surrey can expect to pay when inquiring about properties.

This will mainly affect Realtors and others in the housing industry. As a realtor in order to our due diligence we will inquire about properties whether for Sellers or Buyers in order to verify information. What has previously been a free service is soon going to cost us.

As of Feb.15, 2012 everyone will have to pay $18 when looking to find out the age, square footage or final occupancy date of a piece of property. As well as having to pay for a copy of the Survey certificate.

We can understand the need to cover the city's costs as far as Survey certificates and perhaps could even handle a small charge for the other information. But $18 seems like they are gouging us. Recently I was pulling information and survey certificate from the city of #Abbotsford and was shocked that we were being charged $35 for a survey certificate. Even though we are paying less here in Surrey, I still think it is too much. Whereas the Township of #Langley still offers free information....how long before it will cost us there too?

We'd love to hear your opinion... City of Surrey charges for property information