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Blessing in disguise after Tsawwassen fire

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Blog by Bettina Reid | July 19th, 2012

I didn't get a chance to write my blog for yesterday as we were helping my grandparents move into their new apartment.

We arrived early so that we could be there to surprise them. Many members of our family that could attend were there when she opened the door and I don't think I can remember ever seeing her cry the way she did as she walked around the apartment all set up for her. Our family is very greatful for the overwhelming help from the 2 Jehovah's witness congregations in Tsawwassen and Ladner that my grandparents have been a part of for many years. They furnished their new home and set it all up for us. They even purchased a mini fireplace to replace the fake one they had in the apartment that was destroyed. Which was a huge hit for my 81 year old grandmother. It's the little things...and in this case it was everything. They still need so much more...but it is a huge start and at the end of the day a blessing in disguise. The apartment they lived in was not really an apartment it was a hole in the basement of the building that was never used and years ago turned into a mini suite. We have all wanted them to move them for years but they were quite content where they were...change is not easy for a 90 year man either. They were in a dungeon like place with barely space to breath in, full of odds and ends...that they were very proud of. Now for the 1st time they have all new furniture and of course all new clothing, all new everything. We can only hope we can retrieve a few of the mementos and hopefully the photos we can have restored. Even that is up in the air as to what they will be able to salvage, between the water and smoke damage.

Once again the amazing spirit and human kindness that surfaces in times like these always amazes me. There are many people in the building that have nowhere to go and no insurance. Once again I make my plea to purchase home insurance and even when you purchase the insurance take photos and keep records of the items in your home to be able to prove to the insurancce company that you did in fact have those items to be replaced. Then of course store the photos or list of items with a family member or in a fire and water proof safe...just in case. You never know if it could happen to you!