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Being paperless ...

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | January 6th, 2012

Being paperless

To those of you who are interested in how being paperless might work. This is what happened to me yesterday ...

I was meeting a client to review a counter offer that had come back the night before. With my IPad and my fancy new stylus (pen like tool used for tablets) in hand I headed to my clients home. I did not have any papers at all! I didn't have the usual 3 copies of printed contracts piled on my passenger seat. You know the copy incase I make a mistake, 1 copy to leave my client and 1 I would fax off to the other Realtor. I was simply armed with just the iPad and stylus.

When I walked into the kitchen to have a seat it was so refreshing not having to lug around a giant bag (that weighs a ton I might add)  and lots of papers to spread across the table. I simply sat across from my client and got down to business.
We not only reviewed the contract, made changes to the contract, and signed the darn thing on my handy little iPad with my handy little stylus pen, I was also able to send a copy of the contract to the other Realtor, my client and myself all in one go via email right there in real time with ZERO PAPER USED. My client was super impressed and I was happy to have saved a few trees.

This new way of doing business isn't so new. Before iPad our office did and still does use hp tablets. Just another tool to help our clients in the pursuit of a perfect home. We do our best to not only be eco conscious but also to offer the best of the best for our clients so they too can feel good about working with us.

If you have any questions about this type of tool we use or you are interested in working with us please feel free to contact myself ( Kara ) or Bettina anytime!

I hope you enjoyed =-)