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El Furniture Warehouse...everything on the menu is $4.95

August 30th, 2012
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Just back from taking a mini Whistler vacation with my amazing husband...and no kids. Love them, but we all need a few days without them once in a while. Figured it was a good time to get away before things get busy in the fall market.

The 1st night we stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, where our accomodations were definitely 5 star. We were asked if we would prefer the slope side becau ...

Grouse Grind

August 24th, 2012
One of the goals my husband and I have had since we started the Insanity program was to do the Grouse Grind. It's been a number of years since we attempted it the last time and it was a struggle then. Probably would have been again, had we tried at the beginning of the summer. Which is why we planned to make the climb near the end of the summer. My husband's goal is to do it in an hour or les ...

Insanity Asylum...I truly think we've gone insane!

August 23rd, 2012
For some people working out is like a drug, gives you that adrenaline boost and leaves you wanting more.... Well I enjoy working out, I cannot say I have enjoyed the Insanity program...but it has definitely shaped my body.

Anyone reading this and those that know me have wondered why do I need to do a workout like this. I certainly wasn't doing it to lose weight and in fact I have gained in mu ...

Driving school....

August 21st, 2012
You know you're getting older when... My 16 year old started her driving school today and will soon start her in car lessons.... Watch out everyone...just kidding.

I still can't believe she's old enough to drive. It's good to hear her say that everything she's learning is common sense, lets hope she uses her common sense while driving when she finally does. Unfortunately so many people don't ...

122 2729 158th Street, South Surrey White Rock, British Columbia

August 21st, 2012

I just sold this Townhouse at 122 2729 158th Street, South Surrey White Rock, British Columbia Grandview Surrey.

View this recently sold Townhouse or see all my home sales

Interesting Toddler Beds

August 20th, 2012
I remember when my daughter was little always looking for neat little things to make her room special. I came across these toddler bed ideas and thought a couple of them were pretty cute.


CMHC has some great tools to help Buyers

August 20th, 2012
Whether you are a 1st time buyer or just need a refresher on how the process works, we can help you get started. We have some great professionals that we work with to help you every step of the way. The 1st step is to start with mortgage advice. Mortgage professionals can offer the best advice but there's also some great information on the CMHC website to help get  you started. 

The Canadian M ...

Bumbo infant seat being recalled across North America

August 15th, 2012
I have to wonder is this more of a case of neglectful parenting assuming that a seat will keep their infant safe while they step away. Otherwise, how does an infant come out of a chair like this and crack their skull.

It was found that infants could arch their back and flip or maneuver out of the Bumbo seat, causing injury or falling out. Some of the cases were of infants being placed on tabl ...

A picture tells a thousand words...

August 14th, 2012
A picture truly does tell you a lot about a home. Which is why we use the services of SeeVirtual360 for all of our listings. Not only do they hire professional photographers to capture the home, they also offer for professionally measured floorplans. 

There`s nothing worse than going on MLS and searching for your new home only to find homes for sale with no pictures, only a front shot, blurry ...

National Left handed Day!!!

August 13th, 2012
Why not, there`s a day for everthing else. Why not recognize left handed people. This is actually the 23rd anniversary of the day! What a great idea to help bring awareness for left handers. 

There`s even a website devoted to this day, that offers some great tips and advice on how to help educate teachers on how to help left handers in the classroom. Many of these tips can be carried out in th ...
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