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Preparing your home to Sell

January 31st, 2012
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I know I wrote a blog last week with sellers tips but thought this one was worth posting as well.

I was going through old blog posts and came across this article on preparing your home for sale. With SPRING just around the corner, people are starting to consider listing their home for sale in time for the spring market. Everyone looking to sell always wants to know what they should do to get t ...

Pacific Titans Hockey

January 30th, 2012
As I have mentioned before I do like to promote local businesses in the Fraser Valley. So I want to use today's blog to promote my Aunt and Uncle's hockey program - Pacific Titans Hockey

They have helped many kids from pre-school to adult by training and helping them to develop their hockey skills.

Craig Sherbaty (proud to call him my Uncle) is the Director of Player Development for the Paci ...

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR!

January 28th, 2012
If you are a parent you know once you have kids they seem to get all the cool new stuff. :)

For Christmas my eldest really didn't ask for anything...which of course as parents we were very proud of her for that. (Looks like we did something right! LOL)

But she was saving up to buy herself a camera to take with her on her trip to Europe later this year. So we thought we would go out and get her ...

CONCACAF women's olympic qualifying tournament here in Vancouver

January 27th, 2012

We are a big FOOTBALL family! Real football!

Our eldest decided when she was 4 years old that she wanted to play soccer and even though we missed out on it that year she started her 1st season the year she turned 6. Ever since, it's been nothing but soccer in our house. Dad played when he was in school but nothing really serious.

Our daughter started off loving Canadian women's soccer and only ...

Looking to sell your home in 2012???

January 26th, 2012
Spring is just around the corner! As you are considering making a move and trying to decide what you need to do to get your home ready to sell. Take a look at our 1st issue of 2012 for tips on what to do to get your home ready to sell.

The Informed Home Buyer/Seller Tips Issue 1 2012

For more great tips you can also visit our "Sellers" tab on our home page...or even better give us a call and w ...

Toronto 800sf house goes for $50,000 above asking price

January 23rd, 2012
It just goes to show that there truly is a Buyer for every home no matter how odd, small or eclectic it is. Take a peak at the house that just recently sold for over $50,000 over asking in Toronto. It's definitely a one of a kind!

As we say to all of our clients you have to have a vision for the home, looking past the flaws and decor. It looks like this Toronto family did! :)

Check out this 800 ...

Kung hei fat choi

January 23rd, 2012
Kung hei fat choi! Happy Chinese New Year from the Bettina Reid Group. Wishing everyone a prosperous year during the year of the Dragon!

The Fraser Valley edging Vancouver out of affordability in the housing market

January 22nd, 2012
I came across an article in the Province today that's not very positive for Vancouver residents but I think helps to promote the real estate market for the lower mainland. Vancouver has become less and less affordable for 1st time buyers and young families, as the article put it there's only a few homes to choose from under $300,000. Whereas our communities here in the Fraser valley offer a w ...

Dine out Vancouver 2012

January 20th, 2012

I blogged about "Dine out Vancouver" last year and intended on experiencing this exciting festival...but of course busy with work and family it didn't quite happen. But I thought I would share the link for others to enjoy and hopfefully hubby and I will get a chance to take part this year.

From what I hear the restaurants book up fast, so book early.

http://www.tourismvancouver.com/dine/search ...

Fitness-A-Thon for Kade McBurney

January 20th, 2012
I help out each year at Hillcrest Elementary in Cloverdale where both of our girls went to elementary school. That is where I 1st heard about the McBurney family and what they are going through.

Every parents worst nightmare is losing a child...they are meant to out live us not the other way around.

Kade McBurney is a grade 1 student that attended Hillcrest Elementary school before he became t ...
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