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Netflix Canada just got better

March 30th, 2011
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For all the movie lovers out there, Netflix Canada just got better. Netflix only recently came to Canada and I know many people that subscribed to their service. Then not long after cancelled because most of the movies were older outdated movies and not even the box office hits. Netflix made a deal with Paramount and will finally offer new movies and will soon be offering newer tv series.

http ...

1815 LILAC Drive, South Surrey White Rock, British Columbia

March 30th, 2011

I just sold this Townhouse at 1815 LILAC Drive, South Surrey White Rock, British Columbia King George Corridor.

View this recently sold Townhouse or see all my home sales

Intro - Kara Berman

March 27th, 2011


Intro - A little about me ( Kara Berman)

A quick hello to the cyber world. This video is a little info about myself (Kara Berman) and what it is that I do. One thing I forgot to mention is generally working wit ...

Canadians going to the polls

March 25th, 2011

Looks like BC residents will be at the polls more than once this year with our upcoming referendum on the HST and possibly a provincial election, now we will be going to the polls for a federal election. It's definitely going to be an interesting year in politics for Canadians.


Things to do this spring

March 24th, 2011
Spring has sprung and I know this because I can't stop sneezing! If you are looking for fun things to do check out these two sites


Great ideas for families, couples or even groups of friends. Check it out and enjoy! - Kara

Secondary suites not up to code, soon to be targeted by city officials

March 22nd, 2011
It was about time that Surrey put in legislation allowing secondary suites. With the price of homes today most buyers cannot afford a larger home without the help of renters to pay their mortgage. Since implemented on Dec 13, 2010 it seems they have only been selectively targeting homes with multiple suites. Now it sounds like Surrey will be gradually cracking down on all suites not yet broug ...


March 18th, 2011
 If you are thinking of purchasing a home you have got a great selection of inventory to choose from. The pricing is reasonable and being out in the field I get to see what's on the market first hand, I can honestly say there are some really nice places at affordable prices from Abbotsford to Coquitlam and everything in between. You can contact Bettina or Myself if you would like more informa ...

First impressions involve all of your senses

March 14th, 2011
I came across this excellent article about the odours in ones home when trying to sell. I've shown many houses that instantly put off my buyers the second they entered the home and were greeted by an unpleasant odour. 

Most people think they keep a fairly clean home. I know myself I feel my home is relatively clean. But whenever I steam clean my carpets, it's amazing to see what gets drawn out ...

Domain names and email accounts for babies

March 10th, 2011
I came across this article this morning and it was one of those that immediately caught my eye. When my daughter was born we didn't even have a computer (not that they weren't around we just couldn't afford one) and now people are buying domain names and saving email accounts for their kids. It will be interesting to see what transpires over the next 15-20 yrs and whether those kids will even ...

Kindness and good service goes a long way

March 9th, 2011
It's incredible what a little bit of kindness and customer service will do to brighten ones day!
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