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Blog by Bettina Reid | February 25th, 2012

Last time I will talk about my hubby and his birthday...:)

My eldest gave her Dad a 3 month subscription to www.ancestry.ca and the 1st night he tried it he couldn't figure out how to unlock information. But once he did we couldn't get him to put it down. He stayed up into the wee hours of the morning a few nights this past week discovering some very interesting facts about his family and my family's history. Amazed at how far back he was able to go.

My husband was a history major in university and someone who has always loved learning about the history of our great country. You can only imagine how much fun he was having learning about his own history. With technology today and how much information he was able to find, it is quite fascinating. He was able to trace part of his family back as far as the 900's and my grandmother's side back to the 1700's. We had people think it was a cash grab and that there was no way we would find actual correct information but we have found actual birth records and data that we can connect to some of the information we already had. Each time we add something new more hints come up leading to even more history being discovered. He has discovered so much information it will surely take him a few months to sort through it all.

I would think probably one of the best gifts he's ever been given, hands down!

If you are interested in finding out about your family history, check out you never know you might be related to royalty!