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American car seats... illegal in Canada

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Blog by Bettina Reid | April 21st, 2012

Did you know it is illegal to use American made child car seats and booster seats? In fact, you can ONLY use a certified Canadian made seat. Our Canadian regulations are held to much higher standards than that of many other countries.

I have sponsored a number of car seat safety clinics and seen a large number of families with improperly installed car seats, but I hadn't heard about the laws surrounding where a car seat was purchased...until recently.

Even though we have teenagers and no longer have the need for car seats, I thought this would be helpful information for any new parents or parents in the process of purchasing a new seat. It is tempting with our dollar being so good against the American dollar to cross the border for a variety of items. But this is one purchase that is best being done here in Canada.  

Below is an article going into a little more detail regarding what you are faced with when purchasing an illegal car seat.


For a guide on buying the right car seat for your child visit the following link:


Before purchasing a car seat ensure it has the National Safety Mark on it!

National Safety Mark