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All of Oils

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Blog by Bettina Reid Personal Real Estate Corporation | April 8th, 2013

All of Oils

With the spring market heating up, we seem to be quite busy with our clients every day of the week. I managed to take a couple hours today to go for lunch with my husband in South Surrey, while we there we made a stop in the High Point Plaza when we spotted a new shop "All of Oils". I wasn't all that interested but I knew my husband wanted to at least take a look....

A half hour later we came away with a couple of the most delicious balsamic oils and olive oil. When we walked in to All of Oils, we were pleasantly greeted by one of the owners - Kimm. The store is elegantly set up with a variety of the finest quality of extra virgin olive oils in the centre and then flavoured olive oils along the side and a variety of delicious balsamic vinegars along the back wall. some of their products are even certified organic.

While we browsed, we were told we could taste the oils and balsamic vinegars using fancy little spoons and mini taster size cups. Until I tasted the 1st balsamic, I really didn't think I would leave with anything as were really only browsing. Their maple balsamic was delicious and I couldn't resist buying a small bottle. By this point I really hadn't even looked at their oils...they had a nice variety to choose from, one of which Kimm recommended was the butter flavoured olive oil. You can use it in place of butter when looking for the flavour without using butter. I noticed it could be used on popcorn (probably my favourite snack) I couldn't resist tasting it. Again I was SOLD on the delicious flavour and bought a large bottle of the oil.

Then I couldn't resist trying one more balsamic vinegar and great sales person that Kimm was she mixed a few drops of peach balsamic with a mini cup of mineral water. I never really liked the taste of mineral water before, but again... I feel like a broken record it truly was delicious! Who would have ever thought of flavouring your mineral water with balsamic vinegar???

At this point we figured we had better not try anymore or we would spend a fortune, because evreything we tasted was too good not to buy a bottle of. :)

Tomorrow is the start "All of Oils" Grand Opening Week. Be sure to stop by where you can not only taste the oils and vinegars but you can also enter to win a gift basket. I warn you to come with your wallet, you won't be able to taste and not want to buy!

Visit their website at the following link:

All of Oils