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1st ever Speeding ticket :(

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Blog by Bettina Reid | June 8th, 2012

I broke 2 streaks this week, the 1st was not blogging everyday... :( (But I have a good excuse...I was fighting off strep throat, yuck!)

Finally I had a day where I felt pretty good and had promised to take my eldest to buy a new pair of soccer cleats. So we made our way across the border and had a pretty good mother/daughter day all in all...

All day I had been watching my speed staying within a couple miles of the speed limit and for whatever reason the one time I sped up....I look in my rear view mirror to see flashing lights. Of course, I change lanes not even thining it was for me. Oh, but it was...and that’s when I broke streak # 2, after almost 22 years of a clean driving record I got my 1st and hopefully my last speeding ticket ever. Of course, that is the time that my husband tries to give us a call, just when the officer is approaching our car. We did not answer his call, but needless to say my daughter...sweetheart that she is could not wait to call her Dad back and wanted to be the 1st to tell him what a bozo her Mom was.

So now I am left to endure not only having to pay a fine, (which should I go the online route, the officer said I could plea online and have it reduced or I can try to fight it in court) but now I will have both my daughter and hubby finding ways to crack jokes all weekend long... :)

If you decide to go across the border this weekend, the state troopers are out in force....drive careful and don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)