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Items needed at your local food bank that aren't always thought of - Tips from your local Cloverdale Realtors

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Blog by Bettina Reid | October 20th, 2014


Having grown up in a poor family, there were many times where my family had to lean on our local food bank in order to eat. So, I can appreciate the need to donate to the food banks in your community year round and challenge everyone if they can... to do so.

But I never really thought about donating some of the things that I read about in an article that was originally posted back in December likely for the holiday food drives and then recently reposted on facebook. Whenever I shop for our Office Christmas Families I always think of just about everything one would need...but I realize I have forgotten some of the little things that I read about in this article.

The article mentions that Food Banks rarely request some of these items because items like Peanut butter, baby food, cereal,and canned goods are usually the most needed items...But that doesn't mean they don't need other items.

Some great items in the list were feminine products, toiletries, more importantly baby toiletries, crackers and spices. I don't think I have ever donated spices....but what a great and inexpensive item to donate. Something I will consider when putting together Christmas Hampres this year. 

To read the article click on the following link:

10 Things Food Banks Need But Won't Ask For

Food Banks need our donations year round, not just during the holidays. To donate to your local Food Bank visit the following links:

Surrey  serving Surrey, Cloverdale and North Delta

South Surrey/White Rock


Greater Vancouver serving many communities